If you're shopping online for tyres in South Africa, you'll no doubt be dismayed by the sheer number of tyre dealers vying for your attention. Smart buyers know, however, that fitting the correct tyre for your vehicle and the type of work it usually does is extremely important not only for safety, but to ensure you get the longest life possible out of your new tyres. At Pride in Tyres, we stock a great selection of all Tyre brands available in South Africa, including:

To ensure that you can find exactly the brand you are looking for, we also stock imported brands like:

Whether you're after anything from tough, resilient tyres for commercial vehicles, off-road tyres, or you need a high performance option to optimise the handling of your sports car, our extensive range has got you covered. What's more, with such a comprehensive selection from some of the world's leading tyre manufacturers, we'll be able to find you a tyre that fulfils your needs and falls comfortably within your budget.

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are always available to help you to choose the most suitable tyre for your needs. It’s more than a pleasure. It is our Pride. Arguably one of the most critical aspects of ensuring that your vehicle is able to safely to carry you and your loved ones, is ensuring that your tyres are in good condition and that they have been fitted and balanced properly. It's for this reason that we pride ourselves in offering expert fitment to our customers. Operating your car with a badly fitted tyre is not only unsafe, it will significantly reduce the life of your tyre, so stick with the experts and never buy tyres from a tyre dealer you cannot trust. For reliable advice, unparalleled service and one of the most complete ranges of tyres in South Africa, stick with Pride in Tyres.

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